Based in the Netherlands, I.M.A.G.I.N.E collection embraces

true style with a fashion forward sensibility.

In early 2016 I . M . A . G . I . N . E collection launched its first
collection of fashion jewellery.

A line based on the process of creating a fashionable, yet
luxurious and above all a jewellery line that you can mix &
match to your personal style with a scala of rainbow colours to
match each season.

I . M . A . G . I . N . E embodies the spirit of the global nomad,
blending romance, bold and cultural influences from around
the world.

All signs have their own individual meaning;
with inspiration for design seeded in music, art, culture, symbols
and traditions and powerful man and women.
Because you can mix & match I . M . A . G . I . N . E products and
change the color bands, they tell your personal story, which
allows you to personalize your bracelet or gift.

“Jewellery doesn’t show what you have,
but who you are”

imagine collection